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How do we carry on the maintenance to the roller bearing
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Roller bearing is one of the parts of roller, and the bearing is also very important. Roller bearing not only affects the rotation resistance of the roller, but also plays a decisive role in the life of the roller. Therefore, in the use of roller in the process, it is necessary to carefully maintain the roller bearing.
So how do we carry on the roller bearing maintenance? Here to introduce you.
Roller bearings in the use of the process, we should pay attention to ensure adequate lubricant, suitable. And to ensure that oil can not be mixed with foreign body. Note that the installation of bearings to avoid errors, as well as bearing too large deflection. If these aspects are not good, may cause the roller bearing ring side of the card injury.
Roller bearings are also regularly cleaned. In the removal of roller bearings, the first to record the appearance of the bearing, to confirm the remaining amount of lubricant, the lubricant used for sampling and inspection, washing bearings. As a cleaning agent, the general use of gasoline, kerosene.
Remove the bearings of the cleaning, sub rough cleaning and fine cleaning, respectively, in the container, put the metal mesh on the bottom, so that the bearing does not directly contact the container dirt. Fine cleaning, if the bearings with dirt rotation, will damage the bearing rolling surface, should pay attention to. In the rough cleaning oil, use the brush to remove grease, adhesive, roughly clean, into the wash.
Because roller bearing is an important part of belt conveyor, it has many kinds and large quantity. It accounted for 35% of the total cost of a belt conveyor, withstand more than 70% of the resistance, so the quality of roller bearings is particularly important.
The criteria for judging the quality of the roller bearing are as follows: the radial runout of the roller bearing; the bearing capacity of the roller bearing; axial channeling.
Influence of radial runout of roller bearing on belt conveyor:
Beating the amount stipulated in the national scope, can keep the tape machine running smoothly, otherwise it will make the conveyor belt resonance beating, resulting in material spilled, pollution of the environment, in the case with the higher speed, the more amount of small radial benefits.
Effect of flexibility on belt conveyor:
The belt conveyor is running, roller bearing flexibility is very important, if the roller bearing flexibility is not good, high spin drag coefficient, the belt conveyor system would have to pay a higher power, consume more power, sometimes causing tear tape, motor burned, when it can cause serious fires.
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